What are Some Good States for Public Hunting Opportunities?

If you’re asking, “What are some good states for public hunting opportunities” let Georgia Landsource help you. Undoubtedly, if you’ve never been out west as a hunter, you’ve dreamed about it. There is no better place to hunt game animals in the plains or mountains than on publicly accessible land. Hunting opportunities in the West … Read more

What is the Meaning Behind Deer Rubs?

The buck rub is one of the most well-known signs of deer hunting. But what is the meaning behind deer rubs? Not to be confused with a deer scrape, the rub occurs when the antlers of a buck rub against a tree, bush, or telephone pole, removing the bark and leaving it hanging in obvious … Read more

How can I Be Stealthier While Hunting?

If you’re asking yourself “How can I be stealthier while hunting” Georgia Landsource can help you out! Don’t make any noise while walking, tread lightly, and always walk softly. No matter how you put it, every hunter would benefit from being stealthier in the woods. The snap of a twig or the splash of a … Read more

What Should I Know about Deer Scrapes?

Georgia Landsource answers your question “What should I know about deer scrapes? “It is easy to think whitetail deer live in a mysterious world. At first glance, they seem to go from one place to another without rhyme or reason. However, a closer look reveals they are very social animals, exhibiting a variety of methods … Read more